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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Head Coverings for Bald (and all) Heads - Recycled, Sustainable, Reclaimed

This is an original design. I started designing head coverings years ago after reading an article about a group who knitted hats and donated them to a local oncology clinic.

So far, I have 3 original designs made especially for people without hair, b/c sometimes regular hats and head coverings just don't work as well on a bald head. After all these years, I am still designing, making and donating hats to that same local oncology clinic, and I LOVE doing it. People with hair seem to love these designs too.

I took a regular do rag apart and proceeded to change the design. I made it deeper/longer, so that it covers more area - including the ears if you choose (it depends upon how you tie it) - and a few more tweaks here and there :). I make them out of fleece for winter and out of cotton/rayon fabrics for the summer. The summer ones can have a turn up on the bottom edge, depending on the head size. I can make reversible ones too.

Because they tie in back, they can fit many head sizes. In the summer they provide coverage from the sun and are still light-weight enough to not be too hot - I try and make them super absorbent too for summer. All are prewashed for maximum absorbency. All are machine wash and dry.

They can be made for men and women (I have plenty of colors for both) and can be tied very tightly - and low or high on the forehead - for extra warmth/coverage and to fit all size heads.

Guys like the do rag for bike rides, b/c you can really get a snug, protective fit. A male customer called and said the summer do rag was good up to 70 mph (that's as fast as he's gone with it on - it might withstand faster:) on his Harley. :)

I only use repurposed fabrics from garage sales or second hand stores (must be in excellent shape), and some is given to me by others who know I make recycled stuff.

Allergy info: Dogs and cats helped make all products.

May it serve you well!

And thanks for Saving the Planet While You Shop! :)

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