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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alternatives to a Grass Lawn

So what is it, again, that we have against dandelions? I mean, they are really cute, they grow ANYwhere, they need very little water, they seed themselves like wildfire, they make great ground cover...  What's not to like? :)

I write this only partly in jest. Is it because they have been classified as a noxious weed? :) And who does this classification? It's probably my neighbor (who LOVES me, btw, I'm sure, b/c of all the seeds from mine that MUST blow into his yard), who really does love chemicals of all sorts - I don't even know what half of them are. How can so many different types of chemicals, that do so many different things, be made for just a lawn?

Why are we obsessed with having lawns in the U.S.? And why must they be the chemical companies' picture of "perfect"? And why doesn't anyone wonder where those chemicals go? They don't just sit there on the grass. They really do, at some point anyway, sink into the Earth and just keep going.  They are poison. They get into our entire eco-system and mess it up in all kinds of ways that this artist has only read about. I'm sure there is info out there, if I cared to do more research, than I really don't even want to know - it's too scary.

So Dandelions begin to look really good to me. And they are so cheerful! And even in their 'worst' stage - you know, when the seeds have already invaded the neighbors' yards and they're standing there all bare and leggy looking - they still have a kind of artistic beauty to them, don't ya think? I can feel chemical-hounds with "perfect" lawns everywhere, shutter. :)

It's a good thing you can Save the Planet While You Shop! :)

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