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Monday, May 16, 2011

Save the Planet While You Shop

I am passionate about helping Mother Earth by creating new, beautiful, durable, artistic items out of something that might have been put in a landfill somewhere.  And this is, in fact, how I get many of my materials:  Someone is about to throw something in the trash, I stop them and ask if I can have it instead, then I take it home and either upcycle it or create something totally new out of it.  All materials I purchase come from garage sales and second-hand stores.

I love the creative aspect of upcycling/recycling the most – taking ‘trash’ and finding a creative way to make it into something else, something that once again has value. 
In an effort to reuse and recycle, all the items I make and sell are one-of-a-kind designs and made with recycled/salvaged/repurposed materials and garments.  Everything I sell is recycled/repurposed.  I make clothes, accessories, furniture, jewelry, home d├ęcor, housewares, etc – and am always thinking of what to try next, based on the latest raw materials I’ve scored. 

Before I throw anything away, I take a good, hard look at it to decide if it can be made into something else first – it’s a curse, really. :) Because, for example, I have an ever increasing stack of thick, plastic dog and cat food bags waiting to be made into waterproof bags of some sort. :) I cannot make myself put them in the trash. :)

No matter what product of mine you decide to try, may it serve you well as it serves our planet well too!

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