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Sunday, May 29, 2011

 They only sell upcycled/recycled wood furniture! Check them out!

"Dream" and "Believe" Table
100% Recycled Material. Reclaimed Wood, Water-Based Paint, and Clear Coat. Dimensions: 19"L x 9"W x 20"H. The artist used the natural wood swirls (knots) in this top to swirl the design around. She burned the design into the wood and then painted it. "Dream" and "Believe" are inscribed on the table. For her, it represents the creative/Goddess/inception energy of all things. The legs are made with found branches and trimmings from trees in her yard or from open natural areas in Colorado. The bark is left natural and only comes off if it falls off naturally. The tenons are hand-cut to ensure a really strong fit for the mortises. Wood glue and screws are also used to ensure an extra strong fit. This table would look great as a side table, bedside table, or altar table.
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